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Liberty Nationals - 10U RESULTS




10 & Under - 50

1st Place - Mason Burnham of Three style wrestling

2nd Place - Christopher Swann of minion

3rd Place - Aiden Chavez of Team Mean Machine

4th Place - Christopher McLennan of Princeton

10 & Under - 55

1st Place - Jacob Bond of Chattooga Wrestling

2nd Place - Trenton Richwine of Rose Hill Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Tanner Putt of Renegade Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Cole Welte of MWC Wrestling Academy

5th Place - Martez Sheard of LAW

6th Place - Ian Ambrose of Michigan Select

10 & Under - 60

1st Place - Dallas Russell of Team Minion

2nd Place - Tyson Charmoli of Pinnacle

3rd Place - Co`ji `LiL BoSs` Campbell of Waukegan Youth Wrestling

4th Place - Ryder Shelton of Greater Heights

5th Place - dominic gumtow of Michigan Select

6th Place - Noah Thorpe of jackson county

10 & Under - 65

1st Place - Gunner Andrick of Knights WC

2nd Place - Parker Lyden of Pinnacle

3rd Place - Seth T4KeDoWn SyRa of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

4th Place - NIKADE ZINKIN of Dethrone

5th Place - Brody Ignaszewski of Albert lea

6th Place - Peyton Parn of Blue Pride Wrestling Club (BPW

10 & Under - 70

1st Place - Kyler Lauridsen of Nebraska Boyz

2nd Place - Elvis Solis of Gladiator Wrestling

3rd Place - Hudson Loges of MWC Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Darrius Paige of jackson county

5th Place - Ty Shelton of XTREME Training

6th Place - Colby Gray of jakson county

10 & Under - 75

1st Place - Logan Glynn of MWC Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Cole Mayfield of RAW

3rd Place - Rylan Mansfield of Ray-Pec / FEW

4th Place - landon thomas of Michigan West WC

5th Place - Jace Schartz of Great Bend Kids club

6th Place - Kaden Wallace of Moore Lions

10 & Under - 80

1st Place - Peyton Elliott of Hannibal Youth Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Naythan Dobson of Michigan Select

3rd Place - Anthony Rinehart of Contenders WA

4th Place - Cade Ziola of Nebraska Boyz

5th Place - Alex Schaffer of Kansas Thunderstruck

6th Place - Mckinley soucek of MWC Wrestling Academy

10 & Under - 85

1st Place - Cooper Moore of Greater Heights Wrestling

2nd Place - JD Martin of RAW

3rd Place - Waylen Morrison of Three style wrestling

4th Place - Braxton Peacher of Nebraska Wrestling academy

5th Place - Kayden Kinder of Show Me Elite

6th Place - Corbinn Hammond of Unattached

10 & Under - 90

1st Place - Colin McAlister of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Mathew Bindel of victory

3rd Place - Kyle Harrall of Prodigy

4th Place - Devan Parn of Blue Pride Wrestling Club (BPW

5th Place - Daxton Williams of Nebraska Wrestling academy

6th Place - Jory Garrett Jr. of Elgin Grapplers

10 & Under - 95

1st Place - Aydan Carlson of St. Francis Gladiators

2nd Place - Jackson Rotterman of Greater Heights Wrestling

3rd Place - Jackson Connor Free of North Hall JrTrojans Wrestling

4th Place - Adonis Bonar II of MWC Wrestling Academy

5th Place - Izaiah Sherman of DeHart Elite

6th Place - Andrew Williams of hard knox

10 & Under - 100

1st Place - Peyton Westpfahl of victory

2nd Place - Aeoden Sinclair of Advance School of Wrestling

3rd Place - Rlyan Kuhn of Greater Heights

4th Place - Trevor Bindel of Unattached

5th Place - Caleb Maholmes of hard knox

6th Place - Scout Gooch of Marceline Kids Wrestling Club

10 & Under - 105

1st Place - Aeoden Sinclair of Advance School of Wrestling

2nd Place - DeMaris Henderson Jr. of Future Trojans

10 & Under - 110

1st Place - Aeoden Sinclair of Advance School of Wrestling

2nd Place - Trenton Bindel of victory

10 & Under - 120

1st Place - Jace Williams of Elgin Grapplers

2nd Place - Cade Kaiser of RAW

3rd Place - Derek Joiner of Greater Heights

4th Place - Preston Houser of Michigan Select

5th Place - Lucas Nash of Ray-Pec / FEW

6th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached

10 & Under - 130

1st Place - Case Cooper of XTREME Training

10-12 Under - 165

1st Place - Quentin Saunders of hard knox

2nd Place - Leighton Jones of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Carson Hall of Ranburne Wrestling

4th Place - Luke Triplett of Palmyra Youth Wrestling Club

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