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Liberty Nationals - 12U Results



12 & Under - 60

1st Place - Zan Fugitt of Nixa Wrestling

2nd Place - Brandon Morvari of Pinnacle

3rd Place - Henry (Hank) Kriegler of MWC Wrestling Academy

12 & Under - 65

1st Place - Clayton Giddens of SS Team Big

2nd Place - Jericho Quinter of DeHart Elite

3rd Place - Ryan Meek of St. Clair Little League

4th Place - Conan Ambrose of Michigan Select

5th Place - Tuckerr Gneiting of team defiance

6th Place - Daniel Martinez of jackson county

12 & Under - 70

1st Place - Alan Koehler of Prior Lake Wrestling Club

2nd Place - Tyler Wells of Princeton

3rd Place - Koy Buesgens of Pinnacle

4th Place - Kyshin Isringhausen of Terminator Wrestling Academy

5th Place - Nolan Wertanen of Michigan Select

6th Place - Zachary Silvis of Pinnacle

12 & Under - 75

1st Place - Pierson Manville of minion

2nd Place - Brady Ison of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Collin Arch of Palmyra Youth Wrestling Club

4th Place - emmit tutt of Pinnacle

5th Place - Jesse Loges of MWC Wrestling Academy

6th Place - Camden Miller of Michigan Select

12 & Under - 80

1st Place - Paul Kelly of SUNKIST

2nd Place - Joel Adams of Nebraska Boyz

3rd Place - Jace Roller of RAW

4th Place - Sam Libby of Pinnacle wrestling club

5th Place - Peyton Moore of Terminator Wrestling Academy

6th Place - Alex Diederich of Pinnacle

12 & Under - 85

1st Place - Cael Keck of Greater Heights

2nd Place - Braxton Strick of Terminator Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Caleb Youngblood of Michigan United

4th Place - Hunter Waits of RAW

5th Place - Ryan Stowers of DeHart Elite

6th Place - Blaine Christo of MWC Wrestling Academy

12 & Under - 90

1st Place - Jacob Halsey of Michigan West WC

2nd Place - Kamden Hughes of DeHart Elite

3rd Place - Eli Ashcroft of victory

4th Place - Gary Walker of Willard Youth Wrestling

5th Place - Keith Smith of Nebraska Boyz

6th Place - Wyatt Weber of Great Bend Kids club

12 & Under - 95

1st Place - Anthony Mannella of minion

2nd Place - Cole Glazier of Mn elite

3rd Place - Kash Bates of Lincoln Jr. Hawks

4th Place - Trace Lawler of Lawrence Elite Wrestling

5th Place - Bo FLAGSTAD of St. Francis Gladiators

6th Place - Micheal Solomon of STA

12 & Under - 100

1st Place - Kyle Dutton of victory

2nd Place - Derek Raike of Point Pleasant Big Blacks

3rd Place - Dylan Elmore of liberty north grindhouse

4th Place - Shawn Muse of Prodigy

5th Place - Hunter Randolph of Millard South

6th Place - Carter Neves of Ohio National Team

12 & Under - 105

1st Place - Tanner Leonard of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Ashton Kuhn of Greater Heights

3rd Place - Mason Villwok of MWC academy

4th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached

12 & Under - 110

1st Place - Cole Hopkins of Team Donahoe

2nd Place - Dal` Mont Mucker of Greater Heights Wrestling

3rd Place - Ethan Jeffery of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Connor Sandridge of Nixa Wrestling

5th Place - Camden McDanel of Palmer Trained

6th Place - Cole Robertson of Terminator Wrestling Academy

12 & Under - 115

1st Place - PJ Casale of Scorpions

2nd Place - tyler antoniak of Nebraska Boyz

3rd Place - Luke Brooks of Pyw

4th Place - Samuel Gibson of Trenton kids wrestling

5th Place - J-Roc Solheim of Iron mustangs

12 & Under - 120

1st Place - Chance Cole of Purler Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Jackson Wilkins of Salina Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Adam Kruse of Nebraska Wrestling academy

4th Place - James Keller of MWC Wrestling Academy

5th Place - Max Callahan of Shamrock select

12 & Under - 130

1st Place - Paul Hernandez of Greater Heights Wrestling

2nd Place - Ashton Davis of Higher Calling Wrestling Club

3rd Place - Quan Minor of North Mabee Stampede Takedown

4th Place - Kaden Owen of Trenton kids wrestling

5th Place - hayden richards of MWC Wrestling Academy

12 & Under - 140

1st Place - Coal Mountain Madison of M3 wrestling

2nd Place - Alex Morris of MWC Wrestling Academy

3rd Place - Tyler Siemer of Trenton kids wrestling

4th Place - Bronx Wood of Rose Hill Wrestling

5th Place - Bernard Birch of hard knox

12 & Under - 150

1st Place - Ian Jones of Oklahoma Wrestling Academy

2nd Place - Gunner Wilson of Three style wrestling

3rd Place - GABE EDWARDS of MWC Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Caleb Johnson of Trenton kids wrestling

12 & Under - 165

1st Place - Quentin Saunders of hard knox

2nd Place - Joshua Boggan of Martin Mean Machine

3rd Place - Leighton Jones of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

4th Place - Tyson Terry of Nebraska Boyz

5th Place - Carson Hall of Ranburne Wrestling

6th Place - Luke Triplett of Palmyra Youth Wrestling Club

12 & Under - 190

1st Place - Xander Baccus of Prodigy

2nd Place - Dakota Rankin of Plattsburg Wrestling

3rd Place - Parker Bunch of victory

4th Place - Tate Mashburn of Terminator Wrestling Academy

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